Saturday, September 27, 2008

what a day it's been

waking up to the sound of a kitteh scratching paint off of the wall is not fun, especially at 8 am on a Saturday. i suppose it's not really his fault, we live in an old house, and the paint on the wall next to our bed just happens to be peeling, so CJ helped it out a little. the problem is, since this house is old, i'm afraid the paint might have lead in it and poison CJ, Remy (cause she eats anything on the floor), and even us. so i decided that this would be the last morning i will worry. i grabbed my quick spackling kit (i have them in handy in case of an emergency...really, we have lots of art in the house)...and i went to town. J said he thought he was dreaming when he saw me spackling so early in the morning. i hope it works and i hope it keeps CJ from peeling anymore paint.

it was a good thing i got up earlier than expected cause i got a chance to make breakfast and brewed some coffee being going off to volunteer at the art gallery. my job was pretty much to be there and work...answer phones, questions, help people with purchases and stuff like that. i didn't do much, i guess people don't go to art galleries on the weekend, so i did this...
i got four out of sixteen owls sewn up. whew! i took this volunteering job because i thought a change of scenery will help motivate me. being at home, there are so many other distractions that it takes me forever to get things done (i'm pretty much moving at a snail's pace), but when i'm somewhere else with my things, stuff gets done. weird. do you get that way?

afterwards, i went to the Goodwill will my friend Ashley to pick out an outfit for tonight's main friend Katie just turned 31 and she's throwing a Golden Girls themed party tonight. i haven't seen much of that show, so i didn't have a specific idea of what i wanted. i think i just wanted something rediculous to wear. i can't wait to show you my get-up, shoulder pads and all. Ashley made me try it on in the store, so i got some weird looks. this one woman told me it was the ugliest dress she's ever seen after i told her i was going to a Golden Girls party cause she was giving me quite the eye. she also told me to tease my hair really high and spray it with Aqua Net, specifically Aqua Net to get that extra layer of helmet on my head. it's going to be great.

and speaking of Katie's birthday, this was what she gave ME on HER birthday (wednesday night)...i love getting presents on other people's i spoiled?!?

the camera, is my favorite part! this was a thank you gift for when i took pictures of her dolls a while back. i love it!

so now it's my turn to go make her something for her birthday. guess what it is?

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