Thursday, October 9, 2008

what's for breakfast?

i woke up early this morning and caught the baking bug! so what's for breakfast? ...

fresh pineapples and chocolate chip muffins. i got the really simple recipe from Jennifer at Bake or Break, one of my favorite food blogs, where she had reposted the same recipe from there are always tons of great recipes and the pictures of the goodies she and her husband takes are gorgeous.

of course, no baking project of mine is ever perfect. i thought i had this one in the bag since it was so simple, but i used mini chips instead of regular (mainly cause i only had the minis) and i ended up over cooking them a bit. darn that oven! but all in all i did enjoy them and i love the slight hint of cinnamon. tomorrow i'm taking some over to the co-workers to see if it passes their taste test.

oh! and guess what came in the mail! my package of scrap goodies from JC Handmade. there are some beautiful pieces of fabric in there, but i didn't realize they were going to be so small...duh! what was i thinking, it's called a scrap challenge for a reason! now i have to see what i will be inspired to make. i'm a little curious myself. i guess we will see...and i'll definitely keep you posted. goodnight all!

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