Tuesday, December 16, 2008

our house, in the middle of the street...sort of

stockings are finally up and the tree is lit...well, it lights itself really...but you get the point. and baby Jesus is under the tree!

although there's no mantel, we still have a chimney (because our bedrooms are in the attic part of the building)...so i made it work! it probably won't hold as soon as we fill the stockings, but it will do for now. the stockings with the white tip are from last year (from my old roommates) and i made the ones with the green tips this year instead of buying. needless to say i was very proud of my achievements.

tomorrow is my day off and i'm hoping to get a ton of sewing done before Rock n Shop on Sunday. i think i might even try to update the shop with a few things with a promise of delivery before Christmas, so keep your eyes open for that folks!

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