Friday, December 19, 2008

when you teach a man to sew

J's favorite outfit consists of his hat (which he does not part from until seconds before bed), his denim, and a t-shirt underneath his buttoned up shirt. with that said...somehow in between the move, most of his buttoned up shirts are missing a button here and there. the other day he pulled out two shirts one right after the other that were missing buttons...needless to say, he thinks someone's gone a played a trick on him, removing a button from all of his shirts. as much as i like buttons, i certainly am not a button thief...

since there have been so many 'missing buttons' incidents, he's been asking me to help him sew them back on, but with all of my spare time devoted to getting ready for the show, i haven't been able to. so the other day, he finally asked me to show him how to do it. we sat down, grabbed a shirt each and i went to town on teaching how to sew on a button...let me tell you, the boy couldn't even get the thread through the needle hole...poor guy!

first, he got ahead of himself and sewed the knot on the wrong side of the shirt. and after correcting him and teaching him the right way and how to secure the back, i thought we were on the same page...that was until he showed me this when it was time to cut the string lose.
we're not really sure what transpired in those few minutes, but it wasn't pretty. oh well, maybe with a little more practice, he'll get it right. sorry J.

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