Monday, January 26, 2009


crowded metrothe only protesters of the daytouristsa sea of flagsa volunteer parade worker helping to give directions while we were barricaded at 14th streetthere were people everywhereafter we found out that another metro station was closed, we came upon a crowd gathering around a bus asking the driver how to get out of the mess that was DClook at all this trash in front of the National Museum of the American Indians...actually, there was trash everywhere395 heading in/out of the cityahhh! zombies!!!we had to take the 3rd street tunnel to get out of the mall. luckily, on foot, no one could exceed the speed limit on foot. the light at the end of the actually looks like a fire at the end of the tunneli would have never been able to stand in the middle of a busy tunnel on any regular dayenough saiddid i tell you i did get to meet the President and Madame Secretary
we hear Lucky Strike

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