Saturday, February 14, 2009


on Thursday, our friend Keylan asked us to ride up to Brooklyn with him...and of course we said YES! none of us had ever to Brooklyn before and the guys have never even been to New York. Keylan is a total graffiti geek, so our crazy advanture began as soon as we hit Newark and saw buildings lined with them.

Brooklyn was an amazing place. i've been to New York before, but have never felt more comfortable anywhere else! maybe this could be my future home?!?! here's a vignette of our day...

i don't know why, but we were all so excited to go into the Holland Tunnel

there was so much graffitti all around us...Keylan was definitely in one point, he geeked out so hard that he almost wrecked the car...not cool man!

our first stop, Greenpoint

to visit FredFlare's Store Cute of course!!!! now it was my turn to geek out!

i'm pretty sure i had a total nerdy meltdown as soon as i was in the store. it was like shopping online, but i can actually touch the merchandize!

this was what was left of the Snail Mail Valentines

i met Justin and Bilgin...they were uber friendly!

once we were out of Store Cute, we saw this nice i see how the recession has effected the ad industry

we made a quick stop across the street neat little records/food place called Eat Records

their cool lamps...can i get one for my place?

we drank local coffee and hot chocolate (for me and my tumtum)

our next stop was Old Hollywood, a vintage/consignment shop where i got a cute owl necklace. you can follow their blog here!

we found a knight!...behind Keylan

i really love stuff like this!

this was a window display at a gallery in Williamsburg

we got the chance to walk around the city and went into a ton of really cool/cute stores that were right up our ally. as it got later, we decided it was time to check out the local watering holes.

the first place we went to was Lodge. it felt super homie, like a bar we might find in Harper's Ferry. this place was really neat!

we had a couple of brewskis and eat deliscious organic chicken strips and bread...and drank a can of Genny (Genesee) Cream which was

"packaged as "The Male Ale", "Genny Cream" becomes the unofficial leisure beverage of playboys and social swashbucklers" back in 1964

my question is...can i get this at home?

we asked a local what our next stop should be and she pointed us to the Charleston (another place that reminded us of home), where you get a free pizza with your purchase of a drink...what a deal!

we also stopped at another place called Spike Hill where there was a band playing. Keylan met up with us there and we all had a bit to eat. afterwards, we went to a bakery called Penny Licks.

look how cute this place is?!?!

they even had an Oreo a matter of fact, they had a whole lot to offer: coffee, milkshakes, pies, local or vegan ice cream, baked goods, vegan treats, and cupcakes!

i brought cupcakes home (one for Lacey). thank goodness they survived a 4 hour trip!

exhausted we finally got home around 3 am. it was definitely a trip to remember. can't wait to go back!!

oh! and if you're not tired of all of the pictures yet, i have more here.

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