Sunday, February 1, 2009

J's favorite burger...

it is our tradition to go to Red Robin whenever we are in PA. J's favorite burger (and mine too) is the Royal Robin burger...burger...bacon...sesame seed buns...cheese...and an egg (a robin's egg according to J...)

i took a picture of it and printed it out for J. now it's in a frame ready to be put
in his station at work. haha.

we love us some eggs and bacon on a burgers here!! there is also a similar burger in town called the Mecklinburger named after the local watering hole that makes it (make sense?) and we love that too, except we can never figure out when they serve it. tomorrow night we are making our own version. we had made these the first night we all became roommates and we have been haunted by the craving since! i know i can't wait and J's mouth is watering as we speak!

who's up for some clogged arteries??

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