Monday, February 23, 2009

over the river and through the woods

it was such a treat to go to my grandparent's house yesterday. that place always brings back fond memories of my childhood. it seems as though every time i go back, the place gets smaller and smaller (at one point, eleven people lived there...with one bathroom...yep! imagine the wait to get ready for school in the morning.)

i took a little stroll around the house to check out the places where we (my three cousins and i) used to play. there are several barns in the yard and my cousin Micky and i used one as our fort/secret hideout.

it's old and decrepit now...actually, it was pretty old back then too...but it was a wonderful place to play house in
here's another barn that was one of my faves. my gramps' house is next to a farm, so there used to be all sorts of farm machines parked in there.

another reason why i love going there is because of the food. both of my grandparents are great cooks, my yai (grandma) would cook Thai while gramps cooks everything else. yesterday, my gramps introduced me to something i've never heard of before...


a hot dog, stuffed with cheese and wrapped in come i've never thought of that?!?! gramps said that he's called it a francheezy ever since he can remember. (i'm pretty sure this isen't the first time someone's thought of wrapping bacon around a hotdog though) he said that back when he was in the Germany and broke (living on an army base with his wife and kids) he wanted to eat a filet mignon, so he went out and bought hot dog instead and voila! oh boy was it delish!

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