Sunday, April 5, 2009

sticky, stick, stick

little C is obsessed with sticks! on our walks, i have to bring an extra bag for the sticks he picks up along the way. in honor of him...and Earth Day at the end of this month!...i've made...a STICK!

minus the leaves (i'm saving that for another stick), it's pretty close to my sketch, no?

i hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day. J and i are heading up to Mechanicsburg with some friends for an art show in PA tonight so i'll have highlights from that tomorrow. toodles!


ClaireP said...

Love the stick! Very cute...for a stick ;)

My parcel arrived today, thanks ever so much! Mr Pickels is going to have a good spot in the nursery once we've decorated! xx

Meaghan said...

I love that you make everyday stuff...things that people don't even usually notice...into hilarious characters! STICK! So cute! :-)

Next - a very jolly boulder, right? Heehee.

Pang said...

actually, i was thinking a rock. but i thought twice about it and decided it would just look like a lump.

Willis said...

Just discovered your entertaining assembly of pretty little "things" thru a link posted on You've quite an imagination giving the mundane a bit of panache :o)


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