Thursday, April 9, 2009


i hope everybody enjoyed the beautiful weather today. J and i got on a golf kick and when to the driving range and mini golfing with his parents (i came in second, woo). i got to spend some time sewing though and finished more sticks, a new project (for another day), and this cutie...

everyone, meet Timmy the 2x4!

Timmy is a sad little lad because his tree has been cut down into pieces from a great forest some where in Forest Land. i'm pretty sure he would only feel better if he had a good and loving home to go to. hopefully, someone will take to him on his debut at the first annual Panhandle Earth Day Celebration right here in She-town. here's a little write up:

"The 1st Annual Panhandle Earth Day Celebration will be held Saturday, April 25th, 2009, at Morgan's Grove Park, on the corner of Keanrneysville Pike (Route 480) and Morgan Grove Road, just outside of Shepherdstown, West Virginia, from 12 noon till 6pm. This event will feature music, art, activism and fun, all in honor of Mother Earth. This is a free event and open to the public (all ages). Bands will include Allstar Garage Band, Speakeasy Boys, Coal Mountain Ramblers, MoonStruck, The Bloody 9's, and more. Activists include ATC, North Mountain CARE, Harpers Ferry Outdoor Festival, River Riders, and others. Also, featuring drum circle, kids activities and more. This is a leave no trace event. Please leave your dogs at home, but bring a picnic lunch, lawn chairs, blankets, recreational equipment, and comforts for an afternoon in the park. This event is sponsored by PEDC in partnership with Jefferson County Parks and Recreations."

i really have no idea what to expect since it's not really a craft venue, it's more of an awareness thing i think. it will be interesting and fun none the less i think.

okey doke! let me know what you think about Timmy. have a terrific day!

ps - if you're interested in being a part/helping out (they need volunteers!). contact my friend Stephanie! email:

k? bai now!

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