Monday, May 18, 2009

i don't mean to be petty...

but i must clear my name. on Thursday, May 7th, i was scheduled to work my first volunteer shift at Artomatic. i showed up 15 minutes early with J to my 4:45 - 10 pm shift. J drove me there (as i do not drive) from our place, which is nearly two hours (don't forget traffic) from 55 M St. SE, the building in which Artomatic will be held this year. since it is quite a trip, i decided to kill two birds with one stone (as time is of the essence with two jobs) and asked J if he could help by painting my 8 x 8 wall while i was working my 5 hour shift.
yesterday, i posted a blog with pictures that were taken while i was working. i posted a picture of me painting a section of my wall underneath a picture of J painting the wall.

today, i received a comment on that post from an Artomatic Volunteer (i'm not sure if it's just one person or a group of people) that reads: "You are supposed to work on your shift, not set up your space. This sets a bad example for everyone else."

clearly, 'Artomatic Volunteer' did not know that i was indeed working on my shift. clearly they did not know that i walked circles around floor #4 introducing myself as the volunteer worker for the night, asking people (at maximum, 5 artists throughtout the spand of 5 hours) if they needed any help, and making sure they went into the right elevator with paint (this was indeed stressed many times).

(i sat in this chair, in this spot right in front of the elevator exit, after my rounds making sure other artists when into the right elevator.)

we are all adults here and all i'm saying is please don't judge a book by it's cover, just because i had a picture of myself painting my wall, didn't mean i was abandoning my post and set up my wall all night. i was told that i was there to help people out with installation if they needed help. (and if you ask John the painter/architect on the 4th floor or anyone else that happened to be there that night, i'm sure they'll tell you that i bugged the crap out of them asking if they needed any help)...and to me, taking two minutes (litterally) out of my 5 hour shift to help paint wasn't a big deal and i had no idea it would be.

as a first time artist of Artomatic, it is an honor to be involved with something as incredible as this. why would i want to jeopardize my chances of being a part of it again? i know this post was unnecessary, but i felt like i needed to clear my name and the integrity of my art. i had no idea who to talk to, so i took the liberty of taking it to my personal blog, as that is where it began. no one wants to be a bad example, or be known as the person who ruins it for everyone else (trust me, i went to the orientation). its not cool. so lets get to the bottom of it before we make any more judgments, ok?


fgray01 said...

Ugh, I'm sorry this happened Pang. As someone whose work ethic was also questioned recently, I feel your pain and the sick feeling that can result from cyber conflict like this. I'm glad you took the initiative in clearing up the misunderstanding. Good luck with the rest of Artomatic!

JimT said...

Pang. I understand your pain and your need to vent. I'm cool with that. I would ask that everyone remember that the 'other volunteer' was in fact, doing what they were trained to do.
And, it's no big deal.


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