Sunday, May 10, 2009

total nerds...

J left for Vegas today (on a guest spotting mission at Three Lions Tattoos). it's the first time we've been really far away from each other, plus Lacey is going to France in a couple of months so i thought we could practice SKYPING! i mean, Oprah's doing it!!

(i didn't know how to do a screen capture, so i captured it with my camera!)

practicing for our long distance-ness for the first time, Lacey and i sat in separate rooms and skyped for a good half hour! look at us nerding it up.

is anyone else on SKYPE? let me know so we can talk!


this chickadee said...

i'm on! that's how i talk to my bro in japan

Pang said...

Yay! can we say SKYPE Knitty Partay!!??


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