Saturday, June 6, 2009

Giveaway Prezzies!!!!

i was so lucky to have won two giveaways as of late.

first, was a pomander from Frances in celebration of her 200th post. (if you recall, Frances won a pickle from my blogaversary giveway)

this thing smells so good!! now i just have to wait until it shrivels up. thanks Franny!

and second, a beard inspired by J's beard from the lovely Erin Dollar from I Made You a Beard!! whoO! i was so inspired i used it for my 365 today! for my Handmade Mart on Sunday, i collected emails and business cards for a random drawing. i will be picking the winner of an undisclosed prize and announcing it tomorrow. stay tuned!!

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Martin B. Cherry said...

i got mine last month


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