Saturday, July 11, 2009

NYC, part 1

i had a couple of days off from work, so J booked us a great deal with the City Club Hotel near Time Square and off we went to the city that never sleeps. below are highlights of the first day...

(we stopped at in PA at a place called Antique Treasures and found some really good deals!)(there were cameras and CATS every where!)

(...and a steam boat on land)

(next to it was a place called Roadside America, where there was a whole miniature town,
handmade by one man since the age of 9)

(we arrived shortly before check in time and found out we had been upgraded)

(after getting a bite to eat, i met Uli from Project Runway on her way to Mood...
we were walking in opposite directions when i recognized her and geeked out)
(people lounging in lawn chairs in the middle of Time Square)

(Brooklyn: after being rejected by multiple cabbies...cause they didn't know how to get to there...
we were able to find a nice guy who hooked up his GPS for us)

(we went to a place that J's friend recommended called Luddite)

(the locals playing a rather serious game of domino)

(i loved this store in Williamsburg. i especially loved the jewelry...the only problem was,
i didn't get a card or a name!)

(later in the day, we met up with our friends at Union Square and head over to the East Village.
this picture was taken on our way home in opposite derections)

(Time Square at night)

(the streets are still very busy at 2 am)

(we came back to our room to find two huge cookies! yum!)


fgray01 said...

I've been to Roadside America! I was on my way to NYC too, and my dad suggested we stop. Too cute!

Pang said...

oh yea! what did you think of it?


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