Monday, July 20, 2009

NYC, part 2

the second day of our trip we spent the day driving around the city (J got pretty good at it). we checked out of our hotel and headed for Central Park.

(turtle lake)

(the reason why it's called turtle can't tell from this photograph, but there were also turtles floating around in the murky water)

(i used my tripod and voila!)

(the Margarita Delacorte Memorial/Alice in Wonderland Statue that i really wanted to see)

(the little boy at lived on Alice's head...the view must have been striking!)

(Grey's Papaya. YUM!)

(we drove down towards the East Village, but stopped at the West Village/Greenwich area instead. i'm glad we did so because we found a Lomo store! i was in heaven! [proud owner of 3 Lomo cameras, thank you!] needless to say, i was pretty much drooling over every camera, especially the medium format Seagull, the fisheye Holga, and the Horizon Kompakt...i accept gifts!)

(the walls were covered in photographs. beautiful!)

day two was a bit more busy than day one since we drove around a lot and got to pretty much see most of Manhattan. it definitely was a fun filled mini trip. we are hoping to do another trip to a new location again when our schedule allows. might you suggest the another city?

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