Tuesday, August 11, 2009

something new and exciting!

i was recently approached by an old friend about shooting her engagement photos. i had known Liz since middle school, but have lost touch since graduation...until we reconnected again recently, mostly at the most random of times.

needless to say, i was super nervous since i had never met her fiancee and had never taken on a project like this before. yea, i have taken photos on assignment a family portraits, but this is HUGE! (to me at least). when Liz approached me on the subject, i suggested we meet so we could all get to know each other a little better and talk about what directions they would want me to take. Liz expressed complete faith in my eyes (amazing!) and i began walking them around town to show them some places that would be a wonderful backdrop. we all had a blast! i got to know Liz a little better (she's a blossoming crafter and is making her save the dates all by herself!) and Corey better as well (he's a history/weather buff!...whenever we talked about a city, the first thing he's mention is the weather there! ha!)

as always, i had my trusty camera and so i started taking test shots. i'm so glad i did, because they turned out great! lets hope Liz and Corey thinks so!

test shots 2
(Liz is a ham!)

test shots 1
(they are both teachers...but how that pen on in his hand, i will never know)

test shots 3
(my favorite shot of the day)

test shots 4
(we found this great tree)

test shots 6
(Liz has gorgeous eyes and i'm hoping to get some great shots of them)

what do you think guys? too amateur? i guess i could take some pointers from my new internet friend Ica who takes fabulous photos. what do you think Ica?

oh ps - Liz & Corey! i can't wait for our date!


Meaghan said...

Beautiful! I love the one in front of the red doors!

I might need to talk to you about something similar in the near future, madame.

Pang said...

that one is my favorite too! it's at the Meck!

lets talk about it soon!!! i miss you guys!

fgray01 said...

I love love love the one in front of the red doors. It's so sweet, and you can really see they're equals, which is unusual in wedding/engagement photos. Well done!

Pang said...

Thanks Frances!


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