Monday, August 10, 2009


who ever told me that Ballston in August was a bust was deadly wrong! Fings flew off the table and i met several new crafty/talented friends!

this time around, i flew solo (with J by my side of course!). at first i was really afraid of not having enough to fill a booth all by myself, but boy was i wrong...i actually had enough!

got some new baskets...i need to think of new display ideas...hmm

ravioli pins in all of their glory!

oh helro there crabby!

here's our button monster...his punishment for stealing J's button was to sit there (and behaved) while holding a pen and business cards.

vampire strawbabies...they BITE back!

i met a new friend...and bought a few of her cute stuff! sweet & light

she and i share a love of story books

i also met a talented jewelry desiner/metalsmith-er (right?) and got this lovely necklace. she was too sweet! why did i not get a picture of her booth!?!?!

big ups to Jessica and the volunteers for doing such a fine job!!

here's the robot piggy hanging out with the fings!!


End of the Internets said...

I bought an awesome stick and pickle :)

I call them pick and stickle

Pang said...

so funny! i think i remember who you are! you had to run to the atm right? i love the names!

jasmine t said...

i love your stall!!!!

Pang said...

thanks Jasmine


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