Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fresh out of the oven

finally! a crafty post. i've actually been working on these cuties for some time, but have been super distracted to finish them.

these chocolate chip cookie pins are stuffed with fabric scraps and completely hand sewn...down to the pin attachment for better hold. hope you like them!

oh! wish me luck, time for my first soccer game in a LONG time.


Anonymous said...

love the little cookies!

hope you scored a goal in soccer...or kept one out...or just had fun.


Lacey said...

maw im gunna miss all of pee-pangs soccer games.

Thems cookies look goot

Pang said...

thanks guys! i did have fun playing soccer and scored two goals!! yowza!

you can come to one when you're home Lacey. don't worry.


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