Saturday, October 24, 2009

Seattle, Day 3

this has been a long time coming...

i started our third day in Seattle at Pike Place Market again and got to see how to booth picking process began. the market has a little craft section, and every morning, the crafters come in and pick their spots, seniority first and then by lottery.

i picked up a bouquet of flowers and headed to a little French cafe called Le Pichet and met up with Kristen from Schmancy for some yummy breakfast (it's a tradition for Kristen to get breakfast here on the opening day of Plush You). we both ordered the Oeuf Plates (Kristen's recommendation that i absolutely loved!) and had a nice chat.

i headed back to meet up with J after breakfast and we headed for the Space Needle. it was beautiful out so the view was amazing. on our way up the elevator, the guide asked if anyone had a question...and of course, J had to ask. "Are there any stink bugs in Seattle?" ...i mean, are there? before we left good ol' WV, we had a huge stink bufg infestation, but had not seen any when we got to Seattle...the guide couldn't answer us and acted as if she didn't even know what stink bugs were...are there stink bugs in Seattle?

after spending a good portion of our time up on the Needle. we explored the whole complex surrounding it. we sat down next to a water fountain (thank Becky) and just enjoyed the view, then walked to the Music Museum (a purple building!).

this fountain was pretty awesome

we walked around downtown a bit more looking for Dahlia Bakery (at the Old Crow show there were some cupcakes there that i fell in love with from this i needed more!). after lots of Google mapping on our phones, we finally found it and i had one of the best cupcakes i've ever tasted...a caramel popcorn cupcake...YUMM!!! i wished i could have brought some back for Becky & Meaghan!

Caramel Popcorn cupcake from the Dahlia Bakery...OH MY GOSH! it was SO yummy!

we went back to the hotel to rest a little and got ready for the Plush You opening. here are some pictures from the show!

Melissa Stanley & Lou Lou and Oscar
(Melissa Sue Stanley and Lou Lou & Oscar)

Chris Creatures!!!! and Penguin and Fish Cat
(Penquin & Fish and Chris Creatures...Maryland represent!)

this guy was my favorite!!! can't wait to get him
(we got this guy from Telephone & Monster Bones)

Schmancy Toys
(a view from outside)

family tree made by a 9 year old talented!!!
(you guys! Olivia made this, she's nine years old!)

we had a great sushi dinner in between the show (Seattle had the best sushi!), checked out the shows at Nancy & Fancy (they were great too!), and accidentally found out about downtown's first Friday art walk. we saw so many great art and artists and felt a little over loaded with amazing talent.

J's silhouette of my favorite pictures from Seattle.
(one of my favorite pictures from our trip)

we got together with the Shcmancy crew and other artists after the show and went for a drink at the Nightlite to cap off the wonderful night. Seattle is the boss! more pictures of the day on FLICKR!


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