Tuesday, November 17, 2009


after shopping around for a button maker, i realize i just couldn't afford one at the moment with Christmas coming up and all. i decided to have them made for me instead. Meaghan suggested i go with Modbuttons, which i did at first, but then i had some uploading problems (sometimes i am computer challenged)...so i went hunting on Etsy and found The Buttonhouse. it was super simple and took about a week. i got my buttons in the post this morning and i am in love! now i wish i would have ordered more than a 100 (i thought more = a little excessive at the time). anyway, take a gander...

so excited about my first batch of buttons!!!!
(i absolutely love this logo designed by my friends at This Paper Ship)

(even made one for the ol' bloggeroo)


i feel so official! i know, i know, i'm a huge nerd (i mean, i even took nice photos of them). everybody else and their mothers have buttons, but seriously, i feel legit! WOO! am i overreacting?

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CupcakeSniper said...

nooo you're adorable!!
I love your buttons! they came out super awesome!!


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