Friday, November 13, 2009

Foto Fun Friday

remy with a pom pom on her head
(isen't she just the cutest?!)

if you're wondering why Remy has a yarn pom pom on her head. it's because i'm actually working on a side project (slowly). i was reading the Bleubird blog (hearts, hearts, hearts!!!), and feel in love with the cuddly D.I.Y. pom pom wreath. i mean, look at it!! i just want to cuddle with it!!

(originally uploaded by bleubirdvintage.)

Ms. James made the tutorial SUPA easy!! so really, anyone could do it! i am working on it a little at a time (making the pom poms at the restaurant while we are slow) i should be done by Christmas...ok, ok, by Thanksgiving.

well, i hope everyone has a good Friday. i am feeling under the weather, AGAIN, so i'm am keeping myself medicated. it's going to be a busy weekend for me. tonight, J and i are treking down to Baltimore to see Dan Auerbach's solo show (frontman of the Black Keys). J is super stoked because he loves them ...he has been talking about this show forever! i am excited about his opening act Jessica Lea Mayfield. i hope i feel better by the time we get there. who wants to feel lousy during a show! i know i don't!!! Sunday, my cousin Kelly is coming over! and i am scheduled to have a photo shoot with my friend and her dogs. CUTE! i'm a little nervous because i've never had to deal with people and pets at the same time (except J and Remy, but they are easy).

my shedule is hectic right now with work (s), crafting (Handmade Holiday Shop-n-Stroll), and photography (totally taking off, i just booked another session for the following weekend, and i think i will be helping my favorite local photographer with her shoot the weekend after that! woo!), but i feel so blessed! i feel thankful for the support system that i have and the opportunities life has been throwing my way. tired and stressed or not, this is good for me. (sorry to get so mushy all of the sudden)

thanks to all!

have a great/safe weekend!


Jessie Mae said...

I love the pom pom wreath! I'm totally going to make one now, it goes so well with my pom pom garland plan.

Glad to hear the photography is going so well. That's awesome! Hope you feel better soon.

Pang said...

i want to see it when you are finished!


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