Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Candy

i hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween. i honestly was not felling the spirit until the very last i whipped up a costume to wear while handing out candy to the kiddies (i ran out of candy in the first half hour of a two hour treat-or-treating fest!!!), had a bonding fest with my friend Rachel, then decided to meet up with some friends at the local watering hole for a hot minute. every year there's a crazy big party down by the river here and that's where everyone goes but we decided to go against it and called it a night.

here's the costume that took about an hour max for me to make. pretty simple. i didn't want to carry around a purse so i added a pocket for my phone. that's my favorite part. i'm actually thinking about making it into a huge stuffed candy corn...but i have a few photo ideas first...

here's my friend Greg and his costume. not much, but i really liked it. it looked so real it was kind of gross!

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