Friday, November 6, 2009


who doesn't love them?

when i first started blogging, i became a fan of Jessie Mae of Monkeys Go Home! she makes really fun toys that have crazy fitting since i am the unofficial queen of funny faces!

well, get this, i MET her! in Seattle of all places! we actually didn't know who each other was until the very last day when we exchanged cards. i mean, what a small world, right? Jessie was a part of Plush You as well and decided to travel up from Pasadena, Cali with her equally cool husband for her opening at the Anne Bonny, which we sadly missed (we got there too late!). the funny thing was, we had all been hanging out the night before. HOW CRAZY!

anyway, a while ago, she posted a giveaway that i was fortunate to win and here's my prize!

yay for prezzies!!!

she also sent me a necklace!

she also sent me this adorable necklace!

man, i love prezzies!


Jessie Mae said...

I'm so glad that you liked them! And it was great meeting you.

Lacey said...

quit putting those old lady hands in your pictures ;)

Pang said...

I have old lady hands and i'm proud of deal with them!


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