Monday, November 30, 2009

that dang wreath & gifts

yes, i am still working on the yarn pom pom wreath. i know it's taken me a while, but it will be finished soon...hopefully. i got J's mom in on the action too. she's starting her very own wreath, one more Christmas-y than mine.

that yarn pom pom wreath is almost finished

sorry for the weird lighting. i got about a 3rd done before i ran out of pom pom (there's already about 1 million on the wreath...i totally under estimated). i made some more this morning and will go back in a switch some pom poms around. it's super cuddly and i can't wait to sleep with it...joking...i do want to snuggle with it before i hang it up though.

on another note. i got some gifts from the post last week...tah dah!

gifts GIFTS! from Oh Ginger

Oh Ginger sent some gifts! a purdy necklace handmade by her cute self and some owl things to add to my ever growing owl collection (that J has put a buying ban on). if i ever feel like baking, i am going to look up recipes for animal crackers (or just sugar cookies)...they need an owl in the collection. seriously!

oh! since today is Cyber Monday (giggle, giggle...sounds funny)...Oh Ginger and This Chickadee are joining in the shopping fun! check it y'all!

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