Friday, November 27, 2009

working hard!

i've been working really hard to build up my inventory for December since i will now be doing two shows: Holiday Shop-n-Stroll and Rock-n-Shop. i decided to do Rock-n-Shop again at the Black Cat because it was my VERY first show. it certainly opened some doors for me and i met some really great people that have become my good friends (Oh Ginger & This Chickadee).

ok, so no more sappy stuff, lets get to the photos!

bats! woo!

don't get your hopes up guys! some of these are actually custom orders!

big cookies

big cookies that will be sold individually

bacon ornaments!

and of course the bacon ornaments. it wouldn't be a Pretty Little Fings Christmas without these guys!

i am still thinking about putting some of this stuff up on ETSY, it's just a matter of making some time to do so. hopefully i can update the shop sometime next week. i'll keep you posted!

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