Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh the weather outside was frightful

...but Holiday Shop-n-Stroll was so delightful. yes, Oh Ginger and i braved the weather and showed up! set up our tent in the rain/snow and bested the cold in our plastic igloo (that our lovies had set up for us).

our plastic igloo!
wrapped up tight with tons of clothespins!


i had my eye on this cubicle art/ornament...but i was too slow
i love Oh Ginger's cubicle art!

a few things got soggy along the way (including my socks that i had to change twice!). but my heart was warm to see all of the familiar crafty faces (and new ones too) and all of the supporters who came out to shop! you brave souls you!

two very wonderful friends!
we love This Chickadee! Meaghan and i visited her booth before the show and goofed off!

Brandi modeling with a snowball
my friends Brandi & Twan came to visit! they were such troopers and helped us pack up! thanks guys!

we goofed off a bit, got hooked on hot cider and J became the unofficial spokesperson for our neighbor, Fuzzy Ink.

Fuzzy Ink's giant mustache!
i WANT to win this giant mustache from Fuzzy Ink so bad it hurts!

J as the unofficial Fuzzy Ink spokesman
J had to watch Fuzzy Ink's booth for a minute and he fit right in!

Luigi? is that you? modeling a wooden salt & pepper shaker that This Chickadee gifted to me! yes!

two very wonderful friends!
my two very wonderful crafty friends! i love them!

tina seamonter, craftgasm, this chickadee
i got a chance to walk around a little bit and checked out a few booths! Tina Seamonster, Craftgasm, and This Chickadee of course!

big ups to Debbie and Kim! they did such a wonderful job organizing and advertising. i can't wait to see what they come up with next Spring.

and a special thanks to Em & J for enduring the cold and stuck it out in the booth with us. thanks so much J for missing work help make this happen! kisses!


Anonymous said...

you are the bestest! loves prettylittlegingerfings forever!


Pang said...

prettylittlegingerfings forever!!!

Pang said...

it's actually oh pretty little ginger. but i like the first one too.


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