Friday, January 22, 2010

Foto Fun Friday

HI FRIENDS! it's time for another Foto Fun Friday!! i just came back from a very lovely but short trip to NYC with J. i reserved some tickets to the live taping of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon for J for Christmas, so we went up on Wednesday for the taping that night and stayed with our friends in Brooklyn. (i will elaborate on a later post, promise)

so here's today's photo:

Lady Gaga fan outside of Radio City Music Hall before her concert on Wednesday night

coming out of 30 Rock from the Jimmy Fallon show, we noticed a couple of people all dressed up. upon further inspection (reading the sign!) we found out that Lady Gaga was playing there. I asked a couple of guys (dressed up in Gaga fashion) to take a picture with us, but they were distraught about something and turned us down. i then noticed his woman just hanging out by the lamp post, t then i noticed her glasses. i knew i must have a photograph of her. i'm trying to imagine her story: hanging out in front of Radio City pre-gaming on some Gaga tunes before the show...or was she just a Gaga fan without tickets just taking in all the craziness that surrounded her? it was CRAZY! people were goo goo for Gaga (including us). lots of people were dressed up, people asking for tickets, people selling tickets for crazy amounts of money, people getting interviewed, and buses and cars everywhere. seriously, J and i both wish that we had tickets to see it, just because we knew it would be one visually amazing show and her music is not so bad to dance to. yes, i just admitted that i am a fan.

do you like her music? i hope everyone has a great Friday!!!

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