Wednesday, January 13, 2010

miles apart.

it usually starts like this: two friends. one shared love of photography. two separate countries. one project.

Lacey and i share a LOVE of photography. we used to go on 'photoshoots' together when we were roommates. now that she lives in Limoges, France...the days of scribbling down photoshoot ideas on a whim and day dreaming about finding that perfect spot are gone. here lies the project...i was inspired by the likes of The Transatlantic Lens Project, 3191, Her - Der, and 6,768 Miles Apart and asked Lacey if she would be willing to send a photograph to be paired with one of theme...i would pair them together and post them here on a weekly basis. even though we are both involved in separate projects (Lacey is involved in DailyBooth & and i am in my 365 Self Portrait Project), i feel like this new project will keep us close (do i sound too mushy? ugh!). it will almost feel as if we are still going on photoshoots together, me thinks. anything else you would like to add Lace?

anyway, here is our first

1...first of many

though i mentioned that there was no theme for this project, i feel like there's a connection in both photographs here. Lacey did a great job and i promise my half will be better next week.

oh! what shall we call this?

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