Wednesday, February 24, 2010

an apology

sorry i've been M.I.A and not posting too much. we started moving a little earlier than i had expected and working after moving has nearly killed me! on Saturday my mama, brothers, and little sis came over and helped me move my craft room and on Sunday J and i helped each other move whatever we could. during our first load on Sunday, i slipped and knocked my head on a wooden chest (going up the steps even!) and it messed me up for a while. i have huge bruises on my knee and one on the back of my head!

we are now about 85% moved and unpacked, but our studio room is still a least my corner is.

moving mess

i closed the shop down cause right now i just can't find anything! and i can't wait to get things all set up again...come on day off!!!

J has been such a trooper through out all of this, because he knows how much i hate to move. he's in the kitchen hanging paintings as we speak!

i'm sorry if my thoughts are sporatic. i'm loopy and rambly when i'm tired...isen't everyone?


Meaghan said...

If that's the new studio, it looks like there's a lot of light in it! Exciting! If you need any help, let me know. :-)

Jessica said...

Hey Pang!
Good luck with everything. I, too, HATE moving. It's the worst :(
Once you guys get settled and you have some spare time, I'd love to get together and do some crafting (Style School or otherwise) Let me know if you're interested!
Have a great weekend!

Pang said...

Thank you Meaghan and Jess! I can't wait to get everything in order for you both to come over!!!


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