Thursday, February 18, 2010

lucky me!!!!

my good friend, Meaghan of Oh Ginger is doing it again. this Monday she started a week long giveaway filled with so many great goodies! tomorrow is your last chance, so if you haven't entered, do so! i think she mentioned posting it at 8:30 in the, hard core indeed! did i mention that i won a prize?!? i am a lucky recipient of some pretty cubicle arts!


i can't wait to decorate my new craft room and i'm so grateful for these giveaways!

on top of that, i received a card in the post from Susana. she commissioned me to take portraits of her and her pup in that fall. i love that she used it as a Valentine's day card! and the photos flow so well!


okey dokey! i hope you all had a great day! see you tomorrow for Foto Fun Friday!

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