Tuesday, March 9, 2010

birthday in Georgetown...in pictures

one of my favorite things to do is to go into Anthropologie to see the beautiful displays. i have so many random keys that i think i could totally do this to a wall in our new place!

bottle chandelier
while there, we ran into a familiar face. Katie, a girl J and i both knew from Shepherdstown was working. she's been interning at Anthropologie in the display department. i love her work! i hope she gets the job!!

waiting in line outside of Georgetown cupcakes
we walked down to the new location of Georgetown Cupcakes and waited in line for what seemed like an hour (it was worth it if you asked me). J kept sitting every chance he got and enjoyed his phone's company.

cupcake girls
furiously working with cupcakes, these girls are like cupcake elves!

Georgetown cupcakes wins my vote any day
i got extras for friends & J's parents...and plenty of Red Velvet cupcakes to last me til mid week!

they look good!
we visited the market as well. everything...and i mean EVERYTHING looked so good!

creeping by the canal

i couldn't wait to eat my little cakes, so J and i sat on a bench by the water and i gorged!

i guess i should start watching what i eat! my metabolism is probably not what it was at 25! ha!

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Anonymous said...

great pics! glad you had a good bday old lady. haha.



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