Friday, March 12, 2010

birthday prezzies

another birthday post?!?! yes, so get over it! just kidding! i wanted to share with you a couple of things i got for staying alive for a quarter of a century!

my very own/first Bandmaster concertina

J gifted me this German Concertina! i spotted this little beauty while at a pawn shop with my mom while we were looking to get my little brother his very first electric guitar (cheaper is better, right?). i called J over (it's in the same complex as were he works) and kept on and on about how it will one day be mine and i thought he just brushed it off. i brought it up again a couple of days later and he told me that it was already sold when he went back to check on it...and i was bummed. i still thought/talked about it and i was sure J was going to do everything in his power to get one for me regardless and i was right! that bearded fellow straight out lied and surprised me with the very same one that we had seen at the shop! he walked into the apartment and started playing it when i had my back turned from him! BEST SURPRISE!! i've been playing with it here and there (Remy hates it and barks...most likely because i'm just making noise) and i'm looking forward to actually learning a song! Little Red has definitely been loved and we are hoping to get some one to fix it up a little. man, i can't wait!

pumpkin gelati in a tiny pumpkin

the day before my birthday, my friend, Brian, took me out to lunch for a sushi feast!! we gorged ourselves on a three course meal and had dessert! i ordered a pumpkin gelati (despite our waitress' attempt to talk me out of it because she doesn't like it) and it came in a tiny pumpkin...although the whole thing was frozen solid, it was still pretty delish.

birthday gift from Lacey...what a surprise!

a couple of days after my birthday, i received a special package from Lacey. i was so excited to open it! in it were two boxes of little macarons!!!! i had a strage intuition that she was going to get me them, but i only ever mentioned them to her once...i think...great memory! i had never tried them before so this was a very special treat. i tore into them and gulped two down right away...yummy! i love it that they were all different flavors and colors, so pretty! i am guilty of having had three already for breakfast...i can't help it, i have a sweet tooth!

thank you everyone, for your birthday wishes. i hope 25 will be a great year!

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