Monday, March 29, 2010

Cause two out of three ain't bad

over the weekend, my friend Brian and i entered a Chili Cook Off to help raise money for Relay for Life at Shepherd University. our chili was our very own concoction, a spicy three meat chili...ole! we diced and sliced and cooked it over night, simmering it in it's own juices and spices for a little less than twelve hours.

the Oxymorons...spicy three meat chili...ole!
we chose the name the Oxymorons because Brian and i are two completely different people. our pairing does not match at all. Brian loves spicy food and i can't stand it. luckily, our chili was just spicy enough for me to tolerate.

tough tough mean mean
intimidating people into voting for us. we wanted to go all out for our very first cook off so luckily we found some sombreros at the Goodwill and mustaches from the quarter machine at the grocery store! it was so meant to be!

our friend/co-worker Lynn
our friend Lynn (middle) was the one who told us about this cook off!

'please sir, may i have some more?'
our boss came out to support us!

we ended up winning 2nd place in people's choice and honorable mention in 'the Beast' category (manly/spicy). totally more than we ever expected! we just really wanted to have fun, but the win was the icing on the cake! and did you know we were three votes shy of first!

2nd place, yay!!

at the end of the day, they ended up raising over $700 to go towards Relay for Life. thanks for everyone who came out and for the people at home who was rooting for us. especially my mama who came out and stayed at our corner the whole time, listening to the bands and cheering us on from the sidelines. she was even the photographer at some points!

next stop, DC's huge chili cook off! um, just kidding!

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