Friday, March 5, 2010

Foto Fun Friday

Tuesday i tagged along with some of my friends/new neighbors to a show at Shepherd. a couple of my favorite local bands were playing so i was really excited...and excited to get out of organizing the messy apartment. i love shooting shows with my fish eye, so i tugged that along.

shot during their 'secret' show

this shot was one of many from the night, but it wasn't the best. i chose this simply because of J, standing in the middle, looking completely bored out of his mind while leaning on the speakers. the crowd was really into the band, The Demon Beat, and were going wild, moshing and taking their shirts off (men only). of course, this shot shows the total opposite of how he was feeling. J is not a dancer or a mosher (not that i knew of anyway). he likes to enjoy shows quietly and closely (see how close he is to the stage?). we concluded that this was the best show from the band we've seen...and we've seen plenty, so i know he did really enjoyed it. it was just too funny to pass up. i mean, there's a picture of this guy just hanging out while everyone else is dancing...he's sticking out like a sore thumb. poor J. i still love him though!


Similak said...

Hahahahaha...that's f'ing awesome! Go JR!

Pang said...

it's so him, right?


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