Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I baked

as i was reading my friend's blog on her baking some roasted banana cupcakes (sounds good right?) and i was completely inspired to make my own. i had one obstacle in my way though, Ashley had used a recipe from her Martha Stewart's Cupcake book, which i lacked. so i did a little research (searched on Martha's dot com but didn't find it) and found the recipe on The Messy Apron. et voila! roasted banana cupcakes with honey and cinnamon icing!

roasted nanas
i roasted my ripe bananas.

whisked the egg white till there was a stiff peak
i whisked my egg white until it formed a stiff peak.

roated banana cupcakes with honey & cinnamon frosting

i must say i really enjoyed making these cupcakes from scratch. now that we don't have a junker of an oven, i can probably get back into the joy of cooking again!


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you made these! They look like they turned out well! And nice photos!!! :)


Pang said...

thank you Ashley!! you totally inspired me!


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