Friday, May 7, 2010

Foto Fun Friday

this week's photo is a preview of a photoshoot i had last Saturday. if you remember, i had a photoshoot with Natalie for her website before. this second time around, she brought the whole family! and although the spot light was on her adorable Labradoodle, i couldn't help but get shots of the whole family. i love love LOVE this shot.

a preview of my photoshoot with Natalie, Jason, and Mako

today i helped out at a preschool that i used to work for (where my love of photography blossomed & where my buddy goes to school). every year before Mother's Day, they hold a Mother's Day Tea party (pretty hats and all!) and i was there to help capture the moments, get portraits of moms and kids, and to take the class photo. it brought back good memories and reminded me of why i love taking photos of people/kids.

i hope you all had a wonderful Friday! i must go get ready for work! tonight i'm going to bake some muffins for a bake sale that benefits the children's department at the Shepherdstown library; they are having an amazing used book sale tomorrow (you will find me there for sure!), so stop by if you're around. oh! and did i mention that i'm running in a 5K tomorrow morning as well? i will be participating (i say that because i might be walking at times) in the Run by the River 5K with some good friends...who talked me into it. yeah, i'm nervous (even though i play soccer, i am not in the best shape), but it's for a good cause and i love helping out (um, and it's in town!). so come cheer for me!

ok, i really have to get going now. wish me luck tomorrow!


Lacey said...

this is a great picture :) good luck!

Pang said...

thanks lady!


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