Thursday, June 17, 2010

Coast to Cote: week 23

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week 23 is here! sorry it's late, enjoy!

Coast to Cote: week 23

Pang: Last week, I took a mini vacation to Philadelphia to visit a friend. We checked out Eastern State Penetentiary and I thought it was a really cool/educational place. I felt like I learned a good bit there, but only came home with photographs and random weird facts. This picture was taken in one of the cells. This whole place was in slow decay and there seemed to be a lot of random things in the cells. Obviously, the one way sign didn't belong there, but when I saw it it gave me an really eerie feeling...some prisoners went in, but never got to come back out.

Lacey: This week I had the double treat of spending time with Katy (who lives in Seattle, so I dont see her often) and Empress Rainbow (who goes by Bow - pronounces boe) all in the same day!

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