Friday, July 23, 2010

Foto Fun Friday

whoa, didn't i say i was going to try to post a little, i suck at keep my word, huh? i've been busy hanging out with one of my very best friend who is leaving for bootcamp (Air Force) on Monday and this week is just flying by!

anywho, happy Friday. i wanted to post another preview from Liz & Cory's wedding...

my most favorite shot of the groomsmen

this photo was one of my faves from the hour i spent with the groom and his team before the wedding. they are a bunch of goofballs (can you tell?) and i had a blast photographing them, with the help of my assistant, Brian.

on a totally unrelated note...tonight we went to a benefit in Harpers Ferry and met Pearl and the Beard. not only are they super nice (Jeremy can grow a mean beard!), they are super talented. the trio completely blew my mind and have hopped over to the #1 spot on my favorite bands list. my head blew right off when they started playing this medley:

Will Smith lives on!

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