Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day weekend in photos

lets take a look, shall we?

fall bonfires
bonfires means fall is just around the corner. after the opening a few of us enjoyed the night cozying up to the warmth of the flames.

Aunt Lacey came over and we had a slumber party!
Lacey and i were roommies once again. since the weather was so beautiful, we kept the doors open for some fresh air and sunshine. "getting some Vitamin D"

lazy green eyed cat
my roommate's green eyed cat, Trudy

i was judged for painting her toes nails at the market
no slumber party would be complete without pedicures. i was definitely judged when we took Remy to the market. oh well.

walked around She-town and got loved
while we were walking around town, i got some love...guess i looked like i could have used some.

wedding favors from the Lego's...how adorable, and yummy
finally enjoyed wedding favors from a wedding that i was second shooting. their last name was, Lego...get it?!?

my best friend DJ and i walked around and took photos today
one of my oldest friends, DJ, decided to take up photography so we took a little walk around town. he just started a photo blog! i'm so very proud of him!

our model Gillian
Deej and i lucked out when Gillian agreed to come on a walk with us. she's a beauty.

and speaking of friends and blogs, my friend Vincenzo started a blog too! SYNONYMIE is fashion, music, photography, and film all rolled into one!


how was your weekend?
ps - click on photo for bigger view!

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DJ Wilson said...

God, I love you Pang.


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