Wednesday, September 22, 2010

meeting of the photography mind

Stephanie over at Rinehart Productions thought it would be nice to get a group of people together to discuss photography and start a club where people could come together, give each other constructive criticisms, talk techniques, and ways to get to know our cameras better. yesterday a few of us got together at the Moon (a nickname us cool kids give the Blue Moon) for a little first time meet and greet over dinner.

photography club meeting
(DJ, Jess, and Stephanie)

only four of us showed up (i'm pretty sure we'll be picking more up as it goes along) and we all somehow knew each other from different connections so it was really fun. of course since the girls to guys ratio was favoring the estrogen side, so our conversations weaved in and out of photography. next time we plan on actually giving each other photo critics...i'm scared...but i'll write about it of course!


Lacey said...

nice candid shots

Pang said...
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Pang said...

thank you kindly!


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