Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thrifted Goodness

recent thrift scores!

the past two Sundays have been fruitful for me in the thrifty department. i found a blue suitcase (matches my other two that i keep plushies in!) for $4! a camera that came with 4 flashbulbs and i was told that i could still find film for it...this i am not 100% sure...any one know otherwise? and a VERY awesome thermos set!! (came with a sandwich box and a leather carrying case!) i LOVE picnics and now i can bring soup since soup season is here!   


sweetnessxlight said...

ooh, I love the little plaid thermos carrying case! where do you usually go thrifting (if you don't mind my asking?) :)

Pang said...

not at all! my friends and i go to an outdoor flea market in Harper's Ferry, then we go to an indoor one right down the street from that! i'm not sure if the indoor one is considered to be in Charlestown or not...


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