Thursday, January 20, 2011

we also made...

as i was looking through my emails today i saw that i had a comment from Diana. my first thought was YAY! I HAVE A COMMENT...and as i clicked to view the comment, my second thought was OH MY GOSH, IT'S A COMMENT FROM DIANA OF OUR.CITY.LIGHTS!!!! after breathing in a brown paper bag for a good minute, i came to and felt less geeky, and decided that today's post is to answer her request...

Diana writes: "What?? I love Google for this reason. So amazing! Must show off what you drew with these."

C and i melted crayons and in doing so, turned on my creative switch and sparked an idea.we took some photos, went over to my place, and made the photos into coloring pages after a few tweaks on Photoshop. C loved it so much we ended up printing a whole bunch and now when we take photos he wants to print it out for his 'coloring book.' eventually, he wants a coloring page of everyone he knows, so he's been toting around a little digital camera and taking photos of people he meets. gosh, a boy after my own heart! i love him!

there's one of the pages with just me in it colored with the crayons we made earlier in the day. pretty cool, huh? the only downside to the crayons was that i think we might have put too much vegetable oil in the tins (i was really worried that it would stick to his mom's muffin tins!). when we were coloring with them, the oils prevented the colors from coloring. i had to go over the same spot several times to get it to show.

so besides all of that, C and i also made...wait for it...mustaches on a stick!!!!!!
i loved them so much i went home and made more with my roommates. we had some photobooth fun as Tom Selleck, a Parisian man, and a hipster boy.

We made more and took them to a party. they were, as you might have guessed, a big hit!

oh! and one more thing! today, C and i put googly eyes on everything!!!!

sorry for the long post! hope you have a great day!


Stephanie said...

This is too adorable, Pang.

Pang said...

thanks Stephanie!

Myrrh Fletcher said...

I love these brooms and googly eyes. Very cretive and great fun for a party. I will be making my own!

Pang said...

share some photos when you're done, Myrrh!


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