Wednesday, February 2, 2011

i feel sick.

today has not been a healthy day. i'm feeling under the weather. i've missed work and have been laying in bed watching movies all day...if you know me well, that is definitely a complaint because i don't deal well with not doing i'm feeling restless, but i still have this nagging headache. ick. and since i'm on the complain train, my iPhone is sick too. as a matter of fact, i've been without a phone for almost a week now. i'm not really sure how i'm surviving since my phone is my life, but i am. at times, it has been a nice change of pace. i'm not distracted by it nor am i worrying about calls. i just freak out cause i have no concept of time and can't get a hold of anyone! ok...enough with that. tomorrow, i have an appointment with the Genius Bar, and hopefully they'll be able to help me before our Philly trip this weekend. any suggestions of where to visit? we'll be staying in Center City!

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