Wednesday, April 13, 2011

...and i shall call you, cupcake!

i'm sorry about the insane amount of cuppycake posts, but i've just had the urge to bake bake BAKE! the other day, i bought some yummy cupcake liners for $2 and i just couldn't help myself but to stay in on a Saturday night and bake til the wee hours.

Hmmm, new cupcake liners

this one was a doozie. it's a vegan s'mores recipe that i had found on Cupcakes Take the Cake. i say a doozie because i felt like it took me forever to make. sometimes i admit i jump into things a bit too early and found i that i didn't have all of the ingredients (for the chocolate glaze and the icing). luckily, Lacey came to the rescue and brought some of them. she also helped me decided to forgo the ganache part and instead to stirred some mini vegan chocolate chips into the icing. BEST IDEA EVER. and instead of sticking a piece of graham cracker into the top of the cupcake, i decided to dip the sides of the icing into graham cracker this...

Vegan s'more cupcakes #vegan #s'mores #cupcakes

this cupcake turned out so rich and got many good responses. tomorrow i will be making a batch of cupcakes for my girlfriends' senior show here in town. they've asked some of us to whip up some food for the opening and i'm so excited. i've got a few ideas for decorations, but i've yet to find the perfect cupcake recipe. any suggestions?


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