Friday, April 1, 2011

Food Friday

for St. Patrick's day, i wanted to make Guinness cupcakes. i had Lacey in mind so i wanted to make sure the recipe was Vegan. i was ready, bought all of the necessary ingredients...and then i scrolled down on the recipe page and found that some of the comments mentioned that Guinness wasn't Vegan. what?!?! then why are there recipes for Vegan Guinness cupcakes?? luckily, i live right above a beer & wine store (how convenient), so Meg ran downstairs and found that Rogue made a chocolate stout suitable for my cupcake...and voila!

Vegan Chocolate Stout Cupcakes

i adjusted the recipe based on one from Dulcedo. it turned out rather yummy (Lacey said it was better the next day), but the vegan butter cream icing i had made for it was too runny. i also recently made Vegan vanilla whoopie pies with modified to be vegan orange cream cheese icing and the icing was runny again. can anyone remedy this or point me in the right direction? haaaalp!

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