Saturday, September 17, 2011

a party for a very special baby

this evening i attended a very lovely little baby shower like non i had attended before. this one was outdoors and had assigned tables, quirky games, and even a popcorn machine!

my friends Ashley and Rocky are expecting their first child and they have chosen me as the designated photographer. i was there with them at their first sonogram when they found out that they were having a boy.

it's a boy!

so i was even more honored to have been invited as a guest to their baby shower. the weather couldn't have been more perfect...well, it was a wee bit cold...and the lighting, ugh, the lighting, it was perfect too.

we played fun games

my friends Ashley and Rocky had a baby shower today. it was incredibly cute. i loved their outfits!

and opened gifts!

i can't wait to meet this lucky little boy. there was so much love and thought put into this little party. love you guys!

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