Thursday, March 20, 2014

24 hours

Almost two weeks ago now, I finished my most dreaded 24 hour assignment. It took 5 no's to finally get a yes. I ended up asking a girl I met on the street and she volunteered herself actually. Thank goodness! I started following her after work on a Friday (my birthday to be exact). We went to her brother's house, the art walk, then to her home. I hardly slept on a yoga mat and got up to watch Saturday morning cartoons. We took a walk, ate chocolates, then she walked me to the bus stop. I felt like I had made a friend through the process. On top of that, I learned a good bit about myself and I really enjoyed the photographed made during the 24 hours. She was so sweet and gave me a birthday present once the clock turned 4:30 pm. We were standing at the bus stop.

Speaking of buses, I will be embarking on my second trip to Worcester, Mass. I decided last week to pursue a story there...both for my solo multimedia and photography project. It a two and a half hour drive from Portland but a six hour bus journey...starting from the public bus stop a block from where I am living. I would have preferred to follow a story here in Portland, but this story (in which I will dive into later), is very compelling to me...and that makes it worth the traveling and the money spent on bus tickets for the next month. I can stand to live off of ramen for a little while. I'm just worried about doing the story justice. I've been keeping a written journal, recorded while I'm on the bus...when I'm not feeling nauseous. This is definitely something I want to look back on.

My wake up call will be an early one tomorrow morning. I've got my batteries charging and I'm about to pack my bag. I'm not sure where I will be staying tomorrow night, but I'm sure I won't have a hard time finding a motel.

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