Saturday, April 5, 2014

Bus Life

You know, since I only have a learner's permit, I've been having to take the bus to Boston, weekly. I call these trips my "soul journey." Mostly because these days, I've been feeling like a hot mess. Not feeling like I fit in as an Asian and not truly American...but more on that later...

These weekly trips are for my multimedia and photography projects. I was warned that it would be difficult work on final project for both classes with the same subject, but I also got the reassuring "you can do it" pat on the back and the go ahead from both of my instructors.

I've been spending these bus rides (2 1/2 hours to Boston and then 1 hour to Worcester) writing a bit. "Cleaning House" as Nelson, my photography instructor, puts it. Really trying to capture my thoughts on paper. What I've been feeling. Any anxieties I may have. I spend most of the time reflecting on my life's journey thus far. It has not be boring to say the least. I'm hoping to compile these notes while traveling into something bigger. I've also been spending my time on the bus catching up on sleep. I've been putting in late nights at Salt and sleep is very scarce when you already have bad sleeping pattern...forgive me if I'm not making any sense, I'm falling asleep as we speak!

This past week has been a busy one. Our first final deadline is this Sunday. I've made sure to bring my computer and my things in case my partners need me. I'd love to write a little more, but my body needs a nap.


Bridget said...

What intense work you are doing Miss Pang! Come to Camden for a rest when you can. Blessings, Elcomom... Emily's Mom.

Pang said...

Thank you Bridget! I will definitely take you up on that!


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