Saturday, September 27, 2008

You're such a Crafty Bastard!!!!

can you believe it? less than 24 hours till Crafty Bastard in DC! i'm super stoked! are you? we are treking up there with our CB partners in crime Lacey and her other half...and this time they are driving.

there are so many...and i many vendors to visit, so many things to remember to buy! i'm doing a little bit of early Christmas shopping (gotta get them early in our time of economic crisis, might not get a chance later!) and a bit of shopping for myself!

here are some of the things/artists i have my eyes on...

i love! This Chickadee's stuff! she's known for her cute aprons and platesmats, but i've got my eyes on this fabric bowl. i've got to see it in person...and i'm definitely getting this! it's a Chickadee/Dandelion Blu collab. FAB!

photos by

my favorite artist will also be there: My Paper Crane
i mean, look!
photo from mypapercrane's blog!
hmmm...which one of these pretties will be mine?

i got this at the CB back in June from Chris Creatures ...but i'm going to need more...for my Obama supporting friends.

somebody's gonna get a Wasabi Bar from Oliba Soaps.

i really love cards by Rhymes with Twee ...and if i mentioned that i saw it online, i will get a free gift with purchase. i love free!

Jenny Harada will be there!

i hope The Small Object brings her wooden people!

can i please get from Finch Metal?

i'm gonna make J get a hat from Rocks and Salt.

look at Jennyjen42!

squids are adorable!

i have to make sure i check out Miss Alison's stuff.

alright! i think that's all. but just because some vendors weren't mentioned doesn't mean i won't be checking their booths out. i will be weaving in and out of them like a mad woman tomorrow. (i have to remember to wear comfy shoes!) you can check the vendor's list for yourselves here.

so if you're in the area, grab your green hat and come on over to Crafty Bastards!


this chickadee said...

aw, thanks so much for the mention. see you tomorrow...oops...actually later today. eek!

Leigh K. said...

also thank you! i remember you being in my tent but did you mention you saw me online and get the free gift? i don't remember! whee!

Leigh K. said...

that was leigh of rhymes with twee btw. :)

Pang said...

Hi Leigh! i didn't get a free gift... but that was because i was too shy to mention, i ended up not getting anything because i couldn't make up my mind. trust me, i'm bummed now. oh well! there's always ETSY, i heart that place!


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