Saturday, September 13, 2008

mother of pearls!!

the show (Blue Plate Special) came down today, so i ventured downtown to pick them up. on my way back, i felt adventurous and visited a cute bead store called the Potomac Bead Company. for anyone who is not familiar with this store, it is overwhelming, cause as you go in, there are beads everywhere! plus, sometimes they have classes, and you and make anything you like right on the spot. how fun!after frolicking amongst the beads, i was overcome by the urge to make something...and i know it's way too early to be thinking about Christmas, but i thought about it and decided to make my mom a present (since it's not winter time yet, and i won't be broke).

she loves pearls, so i chose three strands of these grayish/purple fresh water pearls...i made a necklace!
after stringing the three strands, i got some assistance from one of the friendly clerks and she helped me put the clasps on...voila!
doesn't it look uber expensive?!? well, it isen't and it definitely didn't break my bank!
i think she'll love it. i'm super excited about it and don't know if i can keep it a secret until December. hopefully, i don't ruin the surprise and give it to her way too early. now i must go hide it somewhere so i can forget about it for a while.

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